”The worldbuilding is

on par with Tolkien

and Martin!”

- Aradhana Deshnoor, Epiloger

”Absolutely by far the best fantasy I have ever read.”

Monie Szabo, editor

Revenge. Love. Forbidden magic. And a thousand-year old force brought back to life.

At the age of 21, all female Sun Elves get an ability. But Iszaelda gets none. She is different. An outcast. Does not fit in.


When the village is attacked and burned to the ground, Iszaelda goes for revenge. Fate takes her from the frosty forest of Valeanrae, to the jungles of Gorgoroth, and the ruins of the lower world city of Sumetra. The enemy's leader must die, and she will be the one who kills him.


But then she gets emotions for a man. A man whose love could destroy everything. And while an ancient force is brought to life, a force believed to be extinct, Iszaelda gets thrown into a dangerous battle, where the line between good and evil is tenuous.


Everything has a price and nothing comes for free. How much is Iszaelda willing to sacrifice? Can she devote her life to forces no one should trust in? And can she kill the man she loves?


The Dragon Whisperer is the first book in The Elvenblood trilogy.

”There is hope for a Swedish fantasy wonder.”

- Nils-Petter Löf, author

”A must-read for everyone who likes fantasy.”

- Håkan Carlsson, Håkans Hylla

”If you're only gonna read one book, you should read Drakviskaren.”

- Nathalie Sjögren, Bookiecookiez

”The best Swedish fantasy I read in years.”

- Caroline Grimwalker, editor

”Probably the best Swedish fantasy I've read in recent time!”

- Jenny Sehlstedt, reader

”Grand and epical Swedish fantasy.”

- Åke Qvarfort, author

”Potentially my favorite author.”

- Lina, Resa i böckernas värld

”So good, so exciting, so unique!”

- Lexie, Tusen sidor

”It's fiery, aggressive

and poetic.”

- Anna Pettersson, Fantasy Realm

”One of the best written and most exciting books I've ever read!”

- Katarina Dahlquist Vintrafors, author

”A new awesome Swedish author.”

- Jenny Pau, Jennys ögon








// Title: The Dragon Whisperer
// Series: The Elvenblood trilogy, part 1
// Author: Lovisa Wistrand
// Cover illustration: Viktor Kvant
// Graphic production: Whip Media
// Pages: 599
// Cover: Hardcover
// Format: 146×210 mm
// ISBN: 978-91-88265-79-1

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“A mixture of Eragon and Lord of the Rings.”

- Martin Glännhag, author

”The pages flew and I could not tear myself away.”

- Pirjo, Boklysten

”Exciting, captivating & skillfully written!”

- Jennie, Jennies boklista

”Will have withdrawal symptoms now when the book is over.”

- Jimmi Pettersson, reader

”Everything you want from fantasy with dragons, magic and swords.”

- Josefine, Beta Reader

”The story was enthralling from start to finish.”

- Fredrik Karlén, reader

”The author's way of writing is captivating and magical.”

- Susanne Arvidsson, Lästips

”Only on chapter 3 and I'm stuck.”

- Mily, Books of Starlight

”It became such a reading experience that I just love.”

- Sofia, Läsfåtöljen