”Fascinating, exciting & moving!”

- Jennie, Jennies boklista


It measures with Divergent and The Hunger Games.”

Josefine, reader

Year 2043. Adventures, hazards and forbidden love in a dystopian Africa.

Afryea has always been fascinated by dangers, and although it is forbidden, she does everything to get a glimpse of humans. Together with other shifters, she lives in a village among the desolate African mountains. Protected from hunters and dangers, she spends most of her time in animal haven and must not leave the community.

Are humans as horrible as everyone claims? Do shift hunters really exist? And how would it feel like to live in a human city? She wants out, discover the world and go on adventures.

When Afryea is captured by the hunter Dover, her desire is met, but not at all in the way she intended. Savannas, wasteland and mysterious jungles. Now she has to do everything she can to escape and return home.

But what do you do, when you develop feelings for the person who leads you straight to a certain death?

”Lovisa Wistrand is recognized by the wonderful language, the look at nature, and how the love feels physically in me, the reader.”

- Michaela Gester, proofreader

”I can highly recommend this to you who like paranormal romance and special worlds.”

- Mellsageek

Equidae is bursting with action, quick dialogues and is a roller coaster of emotions and

- Monie Szabo, editor

”It's a really good book. Exciting and seriously fun. When it comes to love, sex and longing, you shine. You know the art to drag it out until the reader becomes insane. In a good way.”

- Caroline Grimwalker, editor

”Everything was so well thought out, I couldn't stop reading, I needed to know what would happen.”

- Josefine, reader


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// Title: Equidae
// Author: Lovisa Wistrand
// Graphic production: Whip Media
// Pages: 546
// Cover: Paperback
// Format: 136×210 mm
// ISBN: 978-91-88579-76-8